RSI Recovery App

10 years of experience lead to the creation of this app. Combining exercises for the body and the mind with a strong tool to predict future pain and provide personalised recovery steps.

RSI recovery:
a holistic approach

I know what it feels like to not even being able to hold a hand of cards without a sense of pain so strong it feels like your arms are on fire. That is why I build this app: It will teach you how to recover from the worst pain, let you recognize the signals of RSI earlier, and prevent pain in the future.

This app combines knowledge of psychology and ergonomics, and approaches RSI from a holistic viewpoint: In order to recover, you'll need more than just 1 stretching exercise. That is why every day you will get three recovery focus points that are personalized for you based on machine learning.


Insight in your process

Keep track of your recovery efforts, explore what works, on what time-basis, and see where there is room for improvement.

Pain prediction

A machine learning algorithm predicts your pain based on your recovery efforts on a day-to-day basis.

RSI information

All there is to know about recovering from RSI. From body to brain, including various proven exercises.